2 500-hectres of wilderness


Nyosi Wildlife Reserve

Relax. Rewild. Reconnect.

Nyosi Wildlife Reserve is a 2500-hectre land parcel made up of five of South Africa’s nine indigenous biomes sprawling across rolling and picturesque plains and valleys; lands which host a natural habitat to an abundance of wildlife, plains game and birdlife.

Nyosi's landscape is made up of a mixture of Eastern Cape vegetation types, ranging from the grassy fynbos plains, to the subtropical thickets in the north and deep riverine valleys. 

The soul of Nyosi

Our totem

We are inspired by the honeybee. By the hive.

Throughout history, the honeybee has been symbolised as many things; the ancestor, the bringer of luck, the worker, the guardian of our natural world.

Factually, the honeybee is an ecological keystone species, and is the most important pollinator on our planet, which is vital to the health our global eco-system.

For us, the honeybee symbolises the community which makes up our hive – our team, our visitors, our local community, and the natural resources under our care. Each individual honeybee plays an integral role in our existence, yet when coming together and reconnecting as a hive, the sweetest honey is produced.

Sometimes the simplest of acts can provide the greatest results, and sometime all we need, is to reconnect with our hive, just as nature intended.

Our Mission

Nyosi Wildlife Reserve is a place of relaxation, rewilding and reconnection.

We pride ourselves in providing a protected and safe place where nature thrives, where visitors reconnect, and where harmony is felt at the heart of each of our experiences.

Although we are nestled in urbanisation, we celebrate our 2500 hectares of large open spaces, fresh air and breath-taking views, and we recognise the stillness and healing which only nature provides. This is one of our greatest assets – our protected reserve with all of her splendour is easily accessible to our community of city-dwellers.

Our wildlife roams freely, and we are dedicated to ensuring our ecological balance is maintained. With this comes our responsibility to share our knowledge, and through our safari and nature-based experiences, we seek to empower our visitors through conservation. We also take our social responsibility very seriously, and we therefore take measures to support and promote our local community.

We are humble. Our experience provides an opportunity for our guests to reconnect, with eachother and with nature. We value the simplicity of – just being; still, and peaceful and present.

We have fun. We love coming together to share meals, and have drinks, and allow our children to freely explore.

Nyosi Wildlife Reserve is a home -  where we play, and learn, and explore, and eat, and enjoy the simple pleasure which life grants us.

Our Vision

Nyosi Wildlife Reserve is a conservation centre of excellence.

We are dedicated to protecting our natural resources, and we bring awareness to  our conservation efforts through our rewilding initiatives, and sustainable practices and educational safari experiences.

We believe in conserving not only our natural resources, but our cultures and heritage too.

We foster human connections, as we believe that together, as a collective hive, we can achieve great things. We therefore provide a place for our visitors – where one can relax, rewild, and reconnect with that which matters most; nature, each other, and themselves.

Our goals

Our goal is to restore balance, rewild and reconnect.

We aim to restore the natural balance in our reserve. This is achieved through the unwavering passion of our team of conservationists and the careful reintroduction of key ecological species, fauna and flora.

We aim to retore the balance within ourselves and our community. This is achieved by providing a sacred space where we can gather, uplift and reconnect with eachother in the stillness of nature.

As we learn to rewild and reconnect, we remember that everything is connected.

The honeybees (mankind) work as a collective to ensure their hive thrives (our natural world). They do this without the knowledge of the important the role they play in providing harmony on our planet.

Our values

We are founded on a culture of honesty, respect, humility and integrity. We therefore advocate for inclusivity and celebrate diversity, community integration and learnership.

We invest in our community and our team. We employ local, support and engage with local businesses, and provide hospitality training opportunities to further develop our collective skills. We believe that by promoting growth in our staff members, we are directly impacting our community in a positive way.

We value education, and understand our responsibility in providing opportunities, and creating awareness to educate our guests and community about the importance of conservation and human reconnection.

We value safety, and pride ourselves in providing a calm environment when visitors can engage with nature and vast open spaces.

Above all, we are proudly local, and believe there is great value in allowing people to be authentically themselves. Therefore, we promote a humble working environment, where guests are treated as friends and staff as family. We engage, we have fun, we encourage innovative thinking, and we celebrate individuality.